The widow of the gunman who shot dozens at an LGBT nightclub in Florida last year claimed he used online dating websites during their marriage and relied on a friend to be his cover story, according to a motion written by her legal team.

Noor Salmans attorneys filed the documents Monday, requesting the court consider certain evidence to be entered into the case for her defense, WFTV 9 reported. Salman is facing charges of obstruction of justice and helping Mateen carry out the deadly June 2016 attack at Pulse Nightclub, which left 49 people dead and scores more injured.

According to court documents obtained by the Orlando Sentinel, Mateen would rely on a friend identified only as Nemo to hide his marital indiscretions from his wife. He would often tell Salman he was going out with Nemo when he was actually spending time with women he met on apps and online dating sites like Plenty of Fish.

She said the night before the attack, her husband told her he would be going out with the same friend, who also told FBI investigators Mateen routinely requested he lie on his behalf.

And this is a statement he made to me, because he had a bad habit of he was married, he was married, but he went behind his wifes back and did a lot of stuff on the side on whatever website, Nemo told FBI agents, per the court filings.

Here, Ms. Salman offers Nemos testimony of Mateens statements to show Mateens opportunity and ability to use the cover story of going to see Nemo without Ms. Salmans participation or knowing assistance, according to the motion.

The documents also point out the FBI has interviewed more than 10 women from different dating sites and escort services, discovering that at least four of them met the gunman in person.

On at least one occasion, Mateen succeeded in cultivating a romantic relationship between 2015 and March 2016 while married to Ms. Salman.

Her attorney additionally requested text messages between the pair the morning of the attack be admitted into evidence as well as Salmans medical records in a bid to establish a pattern of domestic violence, according to WFTV 9.

The motion requests the court exclude evidence including video and 911 calls pertaining to the 2016 massacre, what she was wearing when officers arrived at her home as well as purely religious evidence.