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How Virtual Reality is Making Home Buying Easier Than Ever

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If you’ve ever gone househunting, you know how draining it can be. While staged homes are beautiful, it’s nearly impossible to imagine how the same space would come together with the addition of your personal touch. The end product can be hard to imagine, but thanks to advancements in augmented and virtual reality, the property buying experience is being redefined.


These developments have revolutionized how creative digital agencies and partnering companies develop apps that allow users to virtually visit property listings from anywhere in the world. And that’s only the beginning of what AR and VR can and will do for the real estate business. For example, integrating voice recognition technology into the experience can allow users to visit a virtual listing in entirely new ways. Here are a few other ways AR and VR are impacting this industry.


Viewings on Your Own Time


Home buying used to be an exhausting process that could take weeks. If you had a busy schedule, it could be nearly impossible to schedule property tours, and some days could involve driving around all day just to see a handful of listings. Online searches could be just as problematic; it’s hard to get a real feel for a space if you can only view it in 2D on your computer.


Thanks to new breakthroughs in AR and VR, programs now exist that allow the user to ‘visit’ the potential spaces in 3D. Apps like matterport include listings that are recorded in 3D, giving an accurate feel of both the space and flow of the space.


Soon, you will be able to connect your phone to a VR headset and do a ‘walk through’ of the property from wherever you are. This will save time and energy for the buyer, allowing them to visit many more properties than if they were going to in-person open houses.


Imagine the Finished Space


Picturing yourself in a new location is difficult, especially when you’re unable to envision all of the different possibilities. This is even more relevant with spaces that are in the process of being built, or are in desperate need of repairs.


With the help of VR technology, buyers can better visualize the anticipated end product. Not only that, but also these new apps can also help determine the cost of these changes. This can be a total game changer for someone who’s unsure about their purchase and needs just one more push in the right direction.


The real estate industry has also developed technology that allows clients to upload photos of a space and add home furnishings from an existing digital catalogue. If you happen to have a VR headset, you’re in luck: apps even exist that allow you to perform walkthroughs of the rooms so you can decide how best to decorate your new space.


The Future of Property Buying


One of the most exciting developments of this new technology is that it allows a customer to view a property in any location, from anywhere. For someone moving to a new city that isn’t able to visit beforehand, these new VR tools could prove invaluable. Additionally, changes could be made on virtually designed spaces, cutting down on the need for time-consuming physical rebuilds.


As for the future of these VR tools, there will only be more opportunities to streamline the industry. Things like home inspection and selection could happen completely virtually, expediting property purchases and consolidating the entire real estate industry. As AR and VR become more accessible and commonplace, a whole new world of opportunity will open for potential buyers.


Submitted by Catherine Metcalf ([email protected])

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