A Turkish gold trader testifying in a politically charged case over Iran sanctions sodomized his cellmate with a cucumber and repeatedly raped him, a new lawsuit charges.

Reza Zarrab sexually assaulted Faouzi Jaber, who pleaded guilty in July to trafficking guns and drugs to FARC revolutionaries in Colombia, while the two were cellmates at the Metropolitan Correctional Center between November 2016 and March 10, 2017, according to Jabers suit.

“The parties lived together locked for much of the time in a small cell which became a kind of torture chamber,” Jaber’s suit filed Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court states.

Zarrab, 34, ingratiated himself with Jaber, 62, of the Ivory Coast, before beginning his assaults, the suit says.

Turkish gold trader not angry he failed to dodge prosecution

Zarrab, a wealthy Turkish-Iranian playboy, pleaded guilty to money laundering and other charges in October and agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors in a case that has rocked the highest levels of Turkish politics.

Zarrab hired a private lawyer for Jaber and in September 2016 put money in Jaber’s commissary account, the suit says. Zarrab also wired money to Jaber’s family in Africa, the suit says.

Zarrab, “through his power at the jail,” arranged to have Jaber moved into his cell, according to papers.

Once they were cellmates, Zarrab “started telling Plaintiff that he likes having sex with both men and women,” Jaber’s suit reads.

Zarrab’s credibility questioned at trial against Turkish banker

In November, Zarrab anally raped Jaber, according to the suit.

“Because the two men were alone in their locked cell (Jaber) felt helpless and unable to fight off the younger and stronger (Zarrab),” the suit says.

In January, Zarrab bragged he had bribed a Bureau of Prisons employee $4,000 so both men would be moved to a wing of the prison with cells that afforded more privacy, Jaber charges.

In March, Zarrab attacked Jaber with the cucumber, causing bleeding, the suit says.

Reza Zarrab testifies against man he allegedly worked with

Shortly after the attack Zarrab was moved out of Jaber’s cell and is now in an undisclosed location while he cooperates with the feds.

Zarrab’s testimony in the ongoing case will likely will win him leniency against charges that could carry a prison term of up to 130 years.

U.S. authorities arrested Zarrab in March 2016 when he entered the United States with his wife, daughter and four other people for a trip to Disney World.

Zarrab was charged in a plot to help Iran avoid U.S. economic sanctions and flood financial institutions with $1 billion of oil revenue. Zarrab is testifying against Turkish banker Mehmet Hakan Atilla.

Turkish gold dealer pleads guilty, will testify at U.S. trial

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday that the trial is a conspiracy to “blemish” the country.

Zarrab’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, denied the charges.

With Victoria Bekiempis