Smoke detectors save lives and one might have saved the man who died in Saturdays blaze in Trump Tower.

Todd Brassners apartment didnt have a working smoke detector, FDNY officials said Monday.

Firefighters rushed over to the Fifth Ave. high-rise after a building-wide alarm system alerted them to the blaze, officials said.

By the time they arrived, Brassner, a 67-year-old art dealer, was unconscious on the 50th floor.

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Brassner later died at the hospital from smoke inhalation, the city medical examiner said Monday.

Its likely the fire was accidental, said sources.

But investigators have yet to pin down what set the blaze, which spewed bright flames and smoke from several windows in the glass-sheathed tower.

Property owners like Brassner are responsible for making sure they have working smoke alarms, according to New York City law.

Trump fought legislation requiring sprinklers in NYC buildings

A lack of sprinklers in the towers residential floors contributed to the fire, FDNY officials have said.

Trump Tower currently only has sprinklers on its commercial floors.

Sprinklers wouldnt have saved Brassner, said Barbara Res, a former Trump Organization vice president who helped build the tower in the 1980s.

Sprinklers protect buildings. Smoke detectors protect people, said Res.

Pol pushing to require sprinklers in buildings like Trump Tower

By the time sprinklers were activated in Brassners apartment, he might already have succumbed to smoke inhalation, she said.

Res defended Trumps decision to not install sprinklers after a 1999 city law mandated them in new residential properties.

Other real estate developers also have not installed sprinklers in their buildings, Res said.

I doubt if anyone retrofitted that didnt have to, Res argued. People dont want to spend the money they dont have to.

Trump Tower blaze kills man on floor without sprinklers

Back then, insurers didnt want sprinklers in buildings because they caused so much damage, she added.

Trump was more vocal than most about his opposition to the sprinklers and lobbied hard against the bill in the late 1990s.

The then-business magnate argued that sprinklers were too expensive at $4 per square foot to install throughout an entire building, The New York Times reported at the time.

In response to Saturdays fire, Councilman Robert Cornegy (D-Brooklyn) announced Monday that he plans to introduce legislation that would require sprinklers at all residential towers with four or more apartments.

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Friends say Brassner who Trump once allegedly called a crazy Jew disliked living in the building, and was doomed from the moment he moved in over two decades ago.

He was trapped, said close pal Rachael Cain. I wonder if Todd even realized the dangerous condition he was living in?