A Tennessee man who killed his mother and friend sent his older brother $250 following the slayings, according to a report.

Chad Lawhorn, 28, told the Washington Post his younger brother, Casey Lawhorn, sent him the money to his Venmo account and with a one-word message that read: damages.

He immediately knew something was wrong, hopped in his car and drove to East Ridge, Tenn. where Casey, 23, was living with their mom, Vi Lawhorn.

He tried calling his mom almost two dozen times, but no response and Casey turned off his phone, Chad said.

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Chad later learned from authorities that his brother killed their mom and his friend, Avery Gaines. Authorities also told him Casey planned to kill himself.

I think Im still in shock, Chad Lawhorn told the Washington Post. I dont know how to feel. I dont know what I need to do … I feel myself drifting off.

Casey tried committing suicide twice and was suffering from severe depression, Chad said, adding that his brother also stayed at mental health facilities.

Casey sparked a day-long manhunt after he wrote a Facebook post Sunday he committed the killings. He called 911 to report the fatal shootings, authorities said.

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She started screaming the worst scream Ive ever heard, he wrote, describing his moms last moments. Movies really dont do justice to how true terror sounds.

Casey was found dead in rural Mississippi from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Monday, authorities said.

Chad Lawhorn said he doesnt recognize the person who wrote the post and that it didnt sound like Casey.

That was not who I grew up with and who I talked to on a daily basis, he told the Post. He took my mom and my brother from me.