A young Israeli man was fined after he defiled the memorial of those killed at Nazi death camps by urinating on a monument at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

The 19-year-old identified in local reports as Zeev K. was arrested after he peed on the steps of the memorial Wednesday after a tour guide saw him, according to local reports.

Polish prosecutors in nearby Krakow said that he admitted guilt, was released would be fined roughly $1,500.

No motive was given for the act.

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The Auschwitz memorial itself, visited by more than 2 million solemn guests each year, lamented what it called a sad and regrettable incident.

Memorial spokesman Pawe Sawicki told Gazeta Krakowska that he could not remember a similar incident of such disrespect.

Last year a 17-year-old American boy who attended Jewish school was given a suspended sentence for scratching his name in a barracks at the death camp.