Three singles into the promotional campaign for “Reputation,” and it’s fair to say that the new Taylor Swift can be summed up thusly; less talking, more balling.

The video for the album’s first single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” caused a stir for ostentatious images of her in a bathtub full of diamonds and of her taking a chainsaw to an airplane. The new clip for “End Game” featuring Future and Ed Sheeran (released late Thursday) isn’t quite so pointedly provocative, but it still sees Tay-Tay continuing to unapologetically live large.

The clip was filmed in Miami, Tokyo, and London, and follows Swift and her entourage on a three-continent party that looks like a Rich Kids of Instagram account come to life. Here are the ritziest moments of the video.

He’s not quite Diddy, but Future is a man of expensive taste — and Swift gives him a run for his money by riding with the Atlanta rapper in a Lamborghini, and hanging out with him on a yacht that’s so big, it even has its own swimming pool. Tay-Tay is definitely not the nice girl next door anymore (unless you happen to billionaire with your own cruise liner).

Swift connects with her old buddy Sheeran for a segment filmed in the Japanese capital, and it looks like an outtake from “Lost in Translation.” Any tourist can collect a group a friends and go to a karaoke bar, but not any tourist can ride the streets on pricey-looking motorcycles as the singer and her squad do.

The final soiree happens in England, where Swift appears to have the use of an entire London bus and also has the run of a British pub. In one brief scene, she nonchalantly appears to be playing a version of the retro video game “Snake” (oh hi again, Kim K) while a friend feeds her Champagne. Nerdy, yet baller at the same time.