“You also don’t want it to lead to a witch hunt atmosphere, where every guy in an office who winks at a woman is suddenly having to call a lawyer. That’s not right.” — Woody Allen taking a stand for friend Harvey “Winky” Weinstein. Had to do something. Woody’s estranged son, Ronan Farrow, who looks just like him, (wink, wink) exposed Weinstein’s laundry list of sexual harassment and abuse. Game over for Harvey. As for Woody well let him take us out with a line from his ‘79 movie “Manhattan”: “I’m 42 and she’s 17. I’m older than her father, can you believe that?” No, we can’t.

We’ve got action tonight. At last look Clayton Kershaw and Jose Quintana were set to square off in Game 5. Cubs won for us Wednesday night, but this may be their last day as defending champs. Taking the Dodgers to close it out before heading home. 20 units on L.A.

Astros still haven’t hit and it’s getting late. Masahiro Tanaka delivered a seven inning shutout. Yanks finally got the best of Dallas Keuchel and they won handily 5-0. Cubs cut our losses in the nightcap and kept their season alive. Jake Arrieta surrendering one run, three hits over 6 ²/₃ innings. Cubs went deep three times and held on 3-2. Minimal hit leaves us at negative 641 keatons.