Wily ticket sellers in Battery Park are suspected of using the logo of a company that takes tourists to the Statue of Liberty to sell cruises for a competing outfit.

Statue Cruises, which holds the right as the only cruise company that can drop people off at the statue and Ellis Island, claims that dealers for Freedom Cruises are using an exact replica of Statues logo on their ticket material.

Statue sent a letter alleging trademark infringement to Freedom on Sept. 28, records show.

It has recently come to our attention that Freedom Cruises is currently offering and marketing its competitive cruise services using an exact replica of the mark, the letter states.

As a brand owner, Statue cannot tolerate or condone such infringing conduct.

Peter Pal, a representative of Freedom Cruises, declined comment.

Rafael Abreu, head of sales and marketing at Statue, said a dozen tourists a day show up with the Freedom tickets and try to board a Statue cruise.

Its a shame. Its a disservice to the tourists who are coming to New York City, he said. Its a shame we have to work under these conditions.

The people with the errant tickets then either have to buy new $18.50 tickets or try to track down the vendor who sold them the phony ducats.

Its usually very hard to track them down, Abreu said.

The company learned of the alleged scam several weeks ago when a tourist tried to use tickets bought from Freedom to take a Statue cruise.

After showing the misleading ticket to a Statue representative, they bought four Statue tickets.

The National Park Service, which oversees the statue, has been notified of the alleged scam.

The sale of cruise tickets in Battery Park has been surprisingly stained by violence and drama.

On April 24, gunfire erupted during a fight between two rival ticket dealers, wounding one and an innocent bystander.

On Feb. 16, an ex-con blew his stack when a tourist refused to buy a cruise ticket from him. He beat the sightseer unconscious.

In response, the NYPD has asked officers to police the area more aggressively.

On May 18, cops carried out a series of raids on Battery Park ticket dealers. Twelve scammers were busted on charges of fraudulent accosting.

Half of the 106 vendors that the NYPD identified at the time were parolees.

Eighteen were previously convicted sex offenders. Others had convictions for assault, drug and robbery charges.