Hoda Moly!

Samara stopped by NBCs Today show to frighten as many people as she could as part of promotions for the new movie Rings.

Her biggest victims: Hoda Kotb and Natalie Morales.

A row of suitcases were lined up in front of the many Today anchors for them to open. Matt Lauer was the first to unzip his bag, which was filled with fake snakes to take on a plane. When it was Morales turn, she opened the bag and out came the demon child from the video tape in Rings.

Samara from The Ring pops out of TVs to scare customers

Morales screamed and ran towards Kotb, who was also yelling in terror. The two anchors started to laugh when their fear died down, while Lauer and the others in studio were hysterical.

Samara wasnt done after scaring Morales and Kotb, either.

After Al Roker showed singer Darius Rucker clips of pranks being done using Samara from Rings, she once again crawled her way into the studio. Rucker saw her, screamed and ran backwards.

Rings, which will be the third film in The Ring franchise, hits theaters Feb. 3. Itll be the first movie since The Ring Two in 2005.