SEE IT: Irish soccer fans cheer on Victorias Secret customers

Irish soccer fans gathered outside a Victoria’s Secret in Denmark where they cheered on each patron as they entered and left the store.

The large group of fans were watching the first leg of the World Cup Playoffs at the Dubliner, an Irish pub in Copenhagen, right across the street from Victoria’s Secret. Video showing the fans drunkenly singing, chanting and cheering at people going in and out of the store quickly went viral.

At one point in the video, a woman pulls out her lingerie for all to see.

Victoria’s Secret employee Kathrin Hansen told the Irish Mirror “everyone was having such a good time” with the fans outside the store.

People have criticized the actions of the fans, but Hansen stood by the soccer fans.

“They started cheering people entering and leaving the shop, it was so funny. I think everyone saw the funny side and no one took it seriously, it was all harmless,” Hansen said.

Martin O’Neill, the Republic of Ireland manager, was asked in a press conference about the clip, and he took the opportunity to make a joke.

“Actually, I made that video,” O’Neill joked.

The manager then went on to praise the fans for their support.

“The crowd has been really important and they have given us phenomenal support and sometimes they have carried us through,” O’Neill said. “There are moments in the game when they get frustrated with us and I think we get frustrated with ourselves at times – but they realize we need them.”