Kevin Jonas is at the center of FIFAs bribery case sort of.

The former teen pop star, revered for his time in the Jonas Brothers, appeared in Brooklyn Federal Court on Thursday morning after prosecutors called him to the stand.

Jonas exact ties to the case is still somewhat in question. Ex-FIFA honcho Juan Angel Napout, whos being accused of accepting hundreds of millions of dollars in kickbacks from sports-media and marketing firms, apparently attended a Paul McCartney concert at River Plate Stadium in Argentina in 2010, according to Sports Illustrated. Napouts lawyers argue that McCartneys concert actually never happened, which forced prosecutors to bring in someone who actually attended the concert.

So while the Jonas Brothers were touring, the group played a show at the same stadium just two days later, they saw McCartney on the night in question.

He was performing, we got invited, Jonas said, according to Buzzfeed News reporter Ken Bensinger. Any time you get to see Paul McCartney, its pretty special.

Jonas, 30, admitted that he missed McCartneys first two songs because of traffic.

More than 40 officials, business executives and entries have been charged in the on-going case. Three men Napout, Jose Maria Marin and Manuel Burga pleaded no guilty to charges and are currently on trial.