The 2018 Winter Olympics are officially over in South Korea, so we can turn our attention to a much more exciting Olympics the 2018 Beer Olympics. The 5th Annual Shines Bar Beer Olympics run by Meaghan Casey-Wilson got under way last weekend and continue on Saturday, March 3 and Saturday, March 10. Last weekend saw three teams: Some S-Hole Country, led by Amy and Kevin; Bel-Air, led by the Fresh Prince Will Attanasio; and a large contingent of beer athletes from the newly formed country of Slackerstan.

This years games include: Trivia, Flip Cup, Quarters, Darts, Beer Pong, Pool and more. Start training! Come visit with Bartenders-To-The Stars, Danny (DQ) Quinn and Mike (OLB) Ryan, as they make Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown from the movie Cocktail look like an amateur. Shines Bar, 55 California St., Long Beach, opened in 1912.

Mighty was waiting on Arizona (-8) on Thursday and likes Princeton (-1 1/2) on Friday. The deficit is 650 sirignanos.