A lawyer for President Trumps personal attorney, Michael Cohen, has demanded a retraction and apology from Stormy Daniels, saying she suggested on “60 Minutes” that Cohen was behind a physical threat to the porn actress.

Daniels, whom Cohen paid $130,000 just before the 2016 presidential election to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump, told the CBS show that a man confronted her and her infant daughter in a Las Vegas parking lot in 2011. He warned her not to go public with her story, she said.

Daniels did not accuse Cohen of arranging the threat. But her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, said Monday on NBCs “Today” show that it had to have been Cohen or someone else involved with Trump.

Cohens lawyer, Brent Blakely, told Avenatti in a letter Sunday night that statements blaming Cohen for the threat were false and defamatory.

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In truth, Mr. Cohen had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any such person or incident, and does not even believe that any such person exists, or that such incident ever occurred, Blakely wrote.

Daniels told 60 Minutes that the man in the parking lot told her to leave Trump alone, glanced at her baby and said, Itd be a shame if something happened to her mom.

Blakely demanded she and Avenatti make clear through the national media that you have no facts or evidence whatsoever to support your allegations that my client had anything whatsoever to do with this alleged thug.

Avenatti responded by taunting Cohen.

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Will this guy ever come clean with the American people or is he more interested in trying to role play Ray Donovan (badly), Avenatti told the Los Angeles Times in a text message, referring to the television show about a shady fixer.

Preliminary Nielsen ratings overnight indicated that the 60 Minutes episode with Daniels was one of the most watched in years.

Trump, through a spokeswoman, has denied having an affair with Daniels.

Cohen, Trumps longtime personal attorney, did not respond to an email seeking comment on Daniels appearance on 60 Minutes.

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The ethics group Common Cause has filed complaints alleging that the hush money Cohen wired to Daniels 11 days before the November 2016 election was an illegal secret campaign contribution.

Cohen denies the payment was meant to influence the election.

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