A federal jury on Tuesday said it cant decide if former jails union boss Norman Seabrook is guilty of corruption, but the judge in the case told the panel to keep at it.

Dear Judge Carter, we are deadlocked and request your guidance about how to proceed, the jury foreman wrote to Manhattan Federal Court Judge Andrew Carter just before noon Tuesday. The jury had deliberated for about 20 hours.

Carter instructed the 12-member panel at around 1 p.m. to keep going.

I urge you to consider each others views with an open mind, he said.

Correction union officially dumps boss Norman Seabrook

Seabrook, 57, is accused of pocketing a $60,000 kickback in exchange for directing $20 million in Correction Officers Benevolent Association money to Platinum Partners, a hedge fund once run by Murray Huberfeld, who is also 57 and on trial.

The jury is set to reconvene Wednesday morning.

Last week, the unions executive board voted 13-1 to toss Seabrook from office.