Jarrett Jack received a strange phone call in the early hours of the morning in late June 2016.

It was just days before the NBAs free agency began on July 1, but it wasnt an agent calling with a prospective deal or a team seeking his services. It was All-Star forward Kevin Durant asking about a former teammate.

He texted me and said can I speak to you for a minute? the Knicks guard told Chris Broussard on an episode of his “In The Zone” podcast. He called me and was like ‘Yo, um whats Steph Curry like?’ I was like what do you mean whats he like? ‘Is he like how they portray him on TV or is he like a totally different dude behind closed doors?'”

Jack, who played alongside Curry with Golden State during the 2012-13 season, had nothing but praise for the two-time NBA MVP.

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Steph is one of the best people Ive ever met in my life, Hes one of those great dudes, Jack told Durant.

The former Warriors and Nets point guard also mentioned that Durant asked about the management of the Warriors, GM Bob Myers and CEO Joe Lacob.

Jarrett and his brother Justin consider Durant extended family with their roots tracing back to the Maryland/D.C. area, but still doesnt agree with his decision to join the Warriors.

At that juncture, Russ (Russell Westbrook) had one year left on his deal, Jack told Broussard as Durant weighed his options. I would have personally liked if he would have went back and said me and Russ were going to sign a one-year deal, we both are going into free agency and we do what we were going to do. Because at that point everyone thought they were going to leave, so lets link up Im with my road dawg and we were one game from the finals.

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“Lets have one more go at it and then we sit down and we decide if were going to go or stay. But before that phone call, I never thought that Golden State thing would have happened.

It happened.

Durant opted to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and join forces with Curry and the Warriors. Durant would go on to earn NBA Finals MVP honors as the Warriors beat the Cavs for the title.