After a slice of poisoned cheesecake left Olga Tsvyk at deaths door, her would-be killer delivered the soup de grace.

Russian scam artist Viktoria Nasyrova served up a near-deadly dose of tainted chicken broth to the ailing Tsvyk in a callous identity theft plot targeting the salon worker.

She wanted to kill me, Tsvyk told the Daily News in an exclusive Thursday interview. She was not sure the poison stayed in me because I threw up.

Tsvyk said the suspect fled with her passport, employment authorization card, a gold ring and cash and collected about $100,000 by selling off her clothes and jewelry as she struggled to survive.

Woman busted for poisoning friend’s cheesecake in ID theft bid

Its like a very bad movie, the Ukrainian immigrant told the News. Sometimes I really dont believe it happened to me.

Tsvyk realized only after her near-death experience exactly how much she resembled femme fatale Nasyrova, 42.

In some pictures, we really do look the same, said Tsvyk. We look like two sisters.

Nasyrova, suspected of murdering a Russian woman with the same tainted treat trick, first met Tsvyk as a client at her beauty salon about six months before the Aug. 28, 2016, murder try.

Woman busted for poisoning friend’s cheesecake in ID theft bid

That day, Nasyrova asked if she could come to Tsvyks Forest Hills home to get her eyelashes done because of a scheduling conflict and an upcoming vacation.

I didnt like bringing people to my home, but she said, Please, please, Tsvyk recalled. She was very friendly, very nice, and I said OK because Im thinking it would take 10 minutes.

She called me before and said shes going to bring me cheesecake its from the best bakery in Brooklyn.

Nasyrova ate two pieces before sharing a third slice with Tsvyk, who nibbled at the cheesecake and was soon vomiting. She spent the night sick in bed, and remained in a daze when Nasyrova appeared at her home the next morning with the chicken soup.

Tsvyk, 37, slipped into a coma after slurping down some soup, spending three days in the hospital as she recovered. Her sister flew in from Ukraine to aid the ailing woman while Nasyrova headed out with her new identity.

And then Tsvyk, in a Law and Order instant, solved the mystery like Det. Lenny Briscoe: It was the cheesecake. She poisoned me.

Other pieces of the puzzle fell into place: Tsvyk said Nasyrova dressed her in a nightgown and tossed a handful of pills around her bed to make the scene look like a suicide.

She vaguely recalled seeing Nasyrova rummaging around in her belongings. And a test of the leftover cheesecake showed the desert was laced with drugs.

Nasyrova was finally indicated this week and jailed without bail pending a May 25 court date.

She was my client, she was never my friend, said Tsvyk of their relationship. Never.

The Ukrainian woman realized her doppelganger targeted her long before trying to take her life and life savings, visiting the Queens salon for the previous six months.

She came all the way (from Brooklyn), said Tsvyk. I thought it was stupid: Why do you come from so far away?

But Nasyrova had a ready answer: She worked as a masseuse and visited her own clients after getting her eyelashes done.

The Russian woman fled to New York four years ago after dodging a murder rap in the death of Alla Aleksenko, 54, whose burned body was uncovered in a western Russia grave.

Her escape was reportedly aided by her seduction of the chief homicide detective.

The slain womans daughter, Nadia Ford, said her mother was killed using the same cheesecake charade.

City cops also charge that Nasyrova financed a lavish lifestyle after landing in Sheepshead Bay by drugging and robbing elderly men lured into her orbit.

The whole incredible tale still leaves Tsvyk woozy, although shes hopeful for a resolution as the case drags through its second year.

Im not God and Im not a judge, Tsvyk told the News. But she deserves to be in jail. Thank God she cant hurt anybody else.