If youre wondering if your selfies make your nose look fat, the answer could be yes.

Your schnoz gets distorted and appears around 30% bigger in selfies taken close to your face, according to a new study published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery.

If the camera point is closer to something that projects out, like your nose, it is going to make everything that is closer to that camera look bigger compared to the rest of the face, said study coauthor and plastic surgeon Boris Paskhover, the Guardian reports.

In the report, titled Nasal Distortion in Short-Distance Photographs: The Selfie Effect, the research team showed that a face-on portrait taken from 12 inches away makes the noses breadth appear about 30% larger compared to width of the face than it really is.

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Moreover, in these snaps, the tip of the nose also appears 7% bigger, compared to the rest of the nose, than it really is.

To be sure your nose appears in a pic that way it does in the flesh, have someone snap the picture from 5 feet away.

Paskhover told the Guardian that 60 inches is actually a standard photographic distance photographers take portraits at 5 feet. When I take pictures of patients, I take them at 5 feet.