HEAR IT: Mike Francesa goes off about Penn State coach James Franklin icing a kicker up 56-0

The Sports Pope wants Penn State football to get lawst.

Mike Francesa delivered a vintage rant Monday when talking about Penn State calling a timeout in the final seconds of Saturday’s 56-0 win over Georgia State. The Nittany Lions’ coach James Franklin chose to ice the kicker at the end of the game, despite Penn State having a huge lead.

Following the timeout, Georgia State missed the kick and Penn State sealed the shutout.

The Sports Pope described Franklin as a “horse’s a–” for calling timeout.

Will desperate WFAN make Mike Francesa an offer he can’t refuse?

“It’s 56-0, let him kick the ball! And then try to lie about it. What a stooge,” Francesa yelled.

Callers tried to defend the decision but Francesa wasn’t having any of it as he continued to get fired up over the “lack of class” by Franklin.

“What he hasn’t got is any class, because why would you do that to a kid up 56-0?! ‘We had our fourth team on the field, we didn’t have a fourth-team field-goal block.’ What the heck do you need to block it for?! Let the ball go through the uprights, you jerk,” Francesa screamed. “So he calls timeout to get the second-team field-goal block in. What a bunch of garbage that is. He sells you that, he’ll sell you anything. The guy iced him, plain and simple, because he wanted a shutout.”

Following Penn State’s win, Franklin tried to explain the timeout in the postgame press conference.

Francesa seems open to staying if WFAN asks after Carton arrest

“We had our fourth team on the field and we don’t have a fourth team field goal block,” Franklin said. “So we called timeout to get the second team field goal block in there and that’s just kind of how it played out to be honest with you.”

Francesa wasn’t buying Franklin’s answer at all. The WFAN host could not believe the decision to ice the kicker and he continuously repeated his disbelief through an ad read.

The 63-year-old is set to say goodbye to WFAN in December, but there is a chance he could stay longer following the Craig Carton fallout.

If he doesn’t, there’s lots of hope he goes on a few more rants like this one before he signs off for good.