Halloween candy is fun, but can be a parents and dentists worst nightmare. While no one expects you to disappoint kids by handing out apples or carrot sticks, there are some alternatives to junk food with no nutritional value.

Like gummy candies made with a bit of real fruit that go batty and witchy. And snack bars inside a gnarly pirate package. This time of year, raisins come wrapped in vanilla yogurt thats not the usual white but pumpkin orange and ghoulish black.

Halloween is one day, says New York nutritionist Lisa R. Young. But portion control still matters. You dont want kids to have five days worth of treats in one sitting.

When little monsters ring your bell or your own come begging think of some lower-fat and a little bit healthier options to candy thatll lead straight to sugar shock.

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Welchs Fruit Snacks – Kids will eat up the idea of witch, ghost, haunted castle, jack-o-lantern and bat-shaped noshes. Parents will like that theyre made with real fruit, pack vitamins and are fat- and gluten-free.

CLIF Kid Organic ZBars – Ahoy, maties! Right on time as ghouls, goblins and the tots who live next door come calling, tasty whole-grain energy snacks in flavors including Full Moon Brownie and Pirate Chocolate Chip return for Halloween. Sure, theres some fat, but theyre good sources of fiber plus theyre non-GMO and about half the calories (130) of a Milky Way.

UTZ Halloween Pretzels – These carbs are shaped like bats and pumpkins. Parents wont get twisted about the small protein wallop 1 gram per each 1/2-ounce mini-pack. Theyre also low in sugar, but, no surprise, theres a decent wallop of salt. A good thing about Halloween, says Young, is that treats come in mini-packages. You cant do much damage.

Yum Earth Organic Pops – Were not suckers. Of course, theres sugar in these pops. But these lollipops use only natural flavorings peach, strawberry, cherry, mango and pomegranate, among others. Theyre fat- and gluten free. Another plus, adds Young, Lollipops take time to eat. You can shovel candy corn in by the handful.

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Sun-Maid Vanilla Yogurt Raisins – Dried fruit packs an energy burst and these come with a small dose of calcium thanks to the yogurt coating tinted a timely orange and black.