Gregg Popovich has received a plethora of letters from NBA fans across the country in reply to his outspokenness on political issues. And the Spurs coach is listening.

Popovich, who has criticized President Donald Trump on multiple occasions, told ESPN he aims to respond to most of the backlash.

I do read everything, and I try to respond, he said. It takes time because theres a lot of letters. But the only ones I dont respond to are the ones that are so courageous in their negativity that theres no address, just comments. Thats hard to respond to. But there are people who have responded and disagreed, and say, Why? And its erudite and intelligible. [And Im like], Yeah, youve got a point. Those people deserve to be written back. So, I try. I probably wont get them all, but I try.

Known for his sarcastic humor with the media, Popovich said jokingly that all the feedback has been exceedingly positive: Every single person has agreed with everything Ive said. I get flowers. I get trinkets and gifts.

He went on to clarify what the letters have expressed.

Just as you would expect: A little bit of both, right? A lot of both. Some responses make you wonder what country you live in, and other responses make you very hopeful. But theres a lot more hopeful than, My gosh, how did this person come up with this? So overall, it renews my feeling that something can be done because there are enough people willing to listen and feel and compromise.

A former member of the military, Popovich labeled Trump a soulless coward for lying about ex-presidents not reaching out to the families of fallen soldiers back in October.

Also outspoken on social injustices, he called the United States an embarrassment to the world following Trumps comments on protests in sports.