Fidget spinners, a Nerf crossbow and Spider-Man drone all topped a consumer safety group’s list of the 10 toys your child is most likely to shoot their eye out with this year.

The Boston-based World Against Toys Causing Harm, or WATCH, unveiled the list on Tuesday at a children’s hospital.

This year, the organization focused the list on toys with small parts that put children at risk of choking and toys with inadequate warning labels. According to WATCH, at least 15 toys have been recalled since last December, including some hugely popular fidget spinners containing high levels of lead.

The nonprofit has created its naughty list of toys for over four decades.

Your fidget spinner could be more dangerous than you know

Every child deserves to be as safe as possible, and every parent, every medical provider, every caretaker needs to have as much information as possible to keep children as safe as possible, a spokeswoman said at Tuesdays press conference.

The full list of 2017s worst toys:

This drone is just as powerful as any other, as is its damage or injury probability, WATCH said, due to its multiple high-speed rotating rotor blades.

A potential for strangulation and entanglement injuries via this menacing plastic pony is cited.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has discovered fidget spinners

Recalled by The Consumer Product Safety Commission in August, this toy lacks an age recommendation, according to WATCH.

Unsupervised play could easily lead to blunt force injuries.

As deadly as it sounds? Probably not. But a toy crossbow can still cause eye and facial injuries, WATCH warns.

A real sparking effect could cause fire-related burn injuries with these strap-on roller skates, according to WATCH.

Man tried to lure kids with fidget spinners at N.J. store

A strangulation hazard awaits kids of all ages on this literal tightrope meant to be tied between two trees and balanced on.

Another choking hazard, according to WATCH.

The stick for this musical instrument could block a (very large-mouthed) babys airway, according to WATCH.

Beware the pink ponytail holders on this doll – a child could choke on them, WATCH claims.