Dana Boente, like ousted FBI Director James Comey, kept meticulous notes.

The former acting attorney general collaborated Comeys congressional testimony on his dealings with President Trump by forking over handwritten notes to the special counsel team, according to a Washington Post report Tuesday.

Robert Mueller is believed to have interviewed Boente in recent months for the ongoing probe into whether Trump committed obstruction of justice.

Boentes notes describe the cloud Comey quoted Trump as mentioning in an attempt to cool public speculation that he played a role in his campaigns alleged collusion with Russia, the Post reported.

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He made the comments before Muellers far-reaching Russia investigation kicked off.

Comey said he relayed Trumps remarks to Boente on the morning of March 30, 2017. Portions of Boentes notes were shown on The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.

Trump allegedly asked Comey what he could do to relieve the cloud, according to Boentes notes. The ex-FBI boss warned Boente he could not speak with the President alone.

At the time of the conversation, Boente was serving as U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions second-in-command and was overseeing the Russia investigation because Sessions recused himself.

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Boente now serves as the FBIs general counsel. He was tapped to replace Sally Yates, who was fired in January 2017 for refusing to enforce the Trump administration’s controversial travel ban.