A disgraced ex-NYPD official pleaded guilty to reduced charges Thursday in a scandal involving cash and gifts from a pair of major City Hall donors.

Retired Deputy Chief Michael Harrington pleaded guilty in Manhattan Federal Court to a single count of misapplying NYPD property.

Under the plea bargain agreement, the sentencing range for Harrington was set at zero to six months with his lawyers seeking probation for their client.

He faced a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

Preet Bharara ruined ex-cop’s chance for fair trial, lawyer says

The former cop was originally charged with accepting bribes in exchange for an array of NYPD-related services. The deal comes less than two months before his scheduled April 30 trial.

Harrington, a one-time senior chief in the NYPD Housing Bureau, received a video game system for his kids on Christmas Day 2013 from Mayor de Blasios backers who dressed as elves to deliver the gift.

The payoff for the gift-givers was access to a private police force … cops on call, said former Manhattan Federal Prosecutor Preet Bharara in announcing the charges.

Harrington and Deputy Inspector James Grant were accused of pocketing money and goodies from deep-pocketed mayoral campaign contributors Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg.

Co-defendant Grant was accused of sharing a mile-high sexual escapade with a hooker aboard a private jet headed to Las Vegas for the 2013 Super Bowl weekend.

Authorities said he also enjoyed a free $500-a-night hotel room in Rome during an August 2013 vacation.

Grant and Reichberg are still facing charges in the scandal. Harrington’s deal with prosecutors is not a cooperation agreement, The News has also learned.

Rechnitz has already pleaded guilty to corruption charges and was expected to be the star witness against Harrington, Grant and Reichberg.

He was also the star prosecution witness in the bribery case against former jails union boss Norman Seabrook and businessman Murray Huberfeld.

The case ended in a November mistrial when the jury couldnt reach a verdict.