Millions of delirious Eagles fans lined the streets of Philadelphia Thursday for the citys first-ever Super Bowl parade. Expected to be the citys biggest championship celebration in its history, the parade was expected to be more of a family atmosphere than the mayhem that unfolded Sunday night after the big win.

Many fans arrived as early as Wednesday evening for a spot along the five-mile parade route from Broad Street to the famous steps of the art museum. Bars opened early, Bud Light and local brewer Yards supplied free beer to fans who had a good buzz well before sunrise.

The ensuing party was as wild as you might imagine for a football-loving city that never won it all. This week, Philadelphia has resembled New York after the Rangers won the Stanley Cup in 1994, those small riots notwithstanding.

Heres a look around some of the most amusing parts of the celebration:

Center Jason Kelce, in dressed head-to-toe in a Mummers costume, danced and, er, sang in the street.


According to one sports talk radio caller, one fan broke a couple of fingers just to get a doctors note so he could attend. Another die-hard all the way from Tampa was spreading his grandfathers ashes out of a sandwich bag along part of the parade route.

Notoriously surly Philly were so happy this week, even old foe Santa Claus was out among them Thursday. Youll remember Philly fans got their reputation from a few of them chucking snowballs at Santa at an Eagles game in 1968.

While the majority of Eagles fans are not animals, packs of morons still roamed the parade.

Some Eagles fans were so overwhelmed with joy, they promised not to boo anymore.

The F–k Tom Brady! chant was more popular than the Eagles fight song this week. Heres a fan who made a Brady voodoo doll:

And another reveler seems to have cleared out a section of the supermarket for the occasion.

Eagles fans also got creative with their signs. Heres a look at some of the most amusing:

Philly loves the Eagles. Sidney Crosby, not so much.

Title-starved Eagles fans arent just expressing themselves on paper or bed sheets. This loyal fan made a sign on his shirt instead, paying tribute to the Philly Special touchdown play.

While Nick Foles big arm gets a lot of attention, theres another part of his anatomy thats attracted a bit of a legend of its own:

These devoted Foles fans took the idea one step further and inked the inside of their mouths for the occasion.