More than $25,000 in jewelry, cash and clothes went up in smoke after heartless thieves took advantage of the chaos that followed a deadly Harlem fire.

Two tenants who live next door to the St. Nicholas Ave. building that went up in flames Thursday night found out days later that they had been robbed, officials said Monday.

One or more crooks made off with over $25,000 worth of jewelry, cash and clothes left behind by the victims of the inferno that killed an FDNY veteran, police said.

An 83-year-old woman reported that someone had stolen $16,500 worth of jewelry, cash and fur clothing from her apartment, police said.

Firefighter killed in Harlem blaze died of smoke inhalation

A 66-year-old woman reported $9,800 worth of jewelry and cash swiped from her home, cops said.

There have been no arrests, but a police source said detectives are looking for video from street surveillance cameras, as well as from those who gathered to watch firefighters put out the fire or who stopped to record the aftermath.

A police source said such thefts, while not unprecedented, typically do not happen in high-profile incidents because there are dozens of city personnel at the scene although at times suspicion has fallen on city first responders because they were the only ones with access when valuables went missing.

Meanwhile, fire marshals have not yet been able to get into the building to determine the exact cause of Thursdays fire, which began in the basement.

Investigators are looking into whether a recently repaired boiler may have sparked the blaze in the 98-year-old building, according to an FDNY source.