The Big Red at Cornell University are red in the face after a report on a fraternitys sick pig roast contest that rewarded sleeping with larger women.

Zeta Beta Taus chapter at the Ivy League school was put on probation after a investigation discovered their game of sexual bets, according to a report from the university.

New members of the fraternity reportedly received points for sleeping with women, and a bonus was given to the young man who slept with the heaviest person.

As part of its discipline the chapter must participate in events for Sexual Assault Awareness Week, undergo reviews and hire a live-in adviser.

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It said on its Facebook page that it would like to first and foremost express our mutual disgust along with those who feel hurt or victimized and added that it as an organization did not know about the contest until December.

The chapter also said that is plans on conducting a review and expelling some members.

President of the schools fraternity council, Paul Russell, told the Cornell Daily Sun that his group is working to make sure these sorts of incidents dont become normalized.