Authorities say they tracked down two gangbangers who were linked to a sickening mutilation caught on video.

Brooklyn federal prosecutors said reputed 18th Street Gang associates Cristian Perez and Sergio Gerardo Herrera-Hidalgo were part of a crew that carved up another gang member suspected of cooperating with authorities.

The 18th Street Gang is a rival of the notorious MS-13 gang.

Court papers said Herrera-Hildalgo admitted to being one of the stabbers in a three-minute cell phone video capturing the last moments of a moaning man being slashed to death in a forested swamp in Saugerties, N.Y., in October.

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Hes f—-d now, one unidentified man said in the snuff film.

In a big way, son of a b—h. For being a rat, another unidentified person said.

The mans corpse was discovered in a shallow grave in Turkey Point State forest last month.

The feds said they got to Herrera-Hidalgo and Perez by tracking phone records and locations.

The men were arraigned Thursday in Brooklyn Federal Court and remanded.