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Constantinople deceived Kiev: there will be no autocephaly, but complete submission

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“Unifying” Cathedral will be held in Kiev on December 15. It is planned that on this day they will announce the creation of a new Ukrainian church, approve its charter and elect a primate. This was stated by Petro Poroshenko. Kiev hopes that the head of the new church will receive a Tomos about autocephaly from Constantinople. At the same time, it was previously reported that the new charter is only about the metropolis. That is, the Ukrainian church will lose its independence and will be governed by the Patriarchate of Constantinople.
Neither Constantinople, not even the schismatic Philaret. On the unification council says Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Pompous with the full hall.
“I am pleased to announce the date of the unifying council, which should proclaim the creation of the autocephalous local Orthodox church of Ukraine. The council will be held on December 15, 2018,” the president said.
He so often assured that the church in Ukraine is separated from the state. But what’s the convention – because the elections are close.
It looks, of course, absurd that the secular authorities in Ukraine no longer just interfere in church affairs, but also do these things themselves. It seems that a kind of Orthodox basileus (the title of Byzantine emperors) appeared in Ukraine, trying on the role of the head of the church. According to a tradition of many centuries, church leaders can be assembled only by primates of the churches, and not at all by political leaders.
Petro Poroshenko explains: the message about the cathedral received from Constantinople.
Experts doubt. They do not rule out that the Ukrainian leader imposed his will on Istanbul. Too long Constantinople did not dare to take concrete steps.
He sees that the situation is at a deadlock, the cathedral has been postponed twice, he sees inconsistency between Phanar and the schismatics, and therefore a good battle must be made for a bad game. The fact that he sets the date and formulates is natural, because from the very beginning, this is the political order of Petro Poroshenko. He is most interested in pseudo-church education.
At the same time Poroshenko obviously plays, observers say. After all, the autocephaly that is expected in Ukraine will most likely not be.
At the disposal of the Greek journalists was one page of the statute of the single Ukrainian church. From the text it follows that the structure will be semi-autonomous, it will be created according to the Cretan model. The chairman will not be the patriarch, but the metropolitan.
In this case, we see that it is not even autonomy, it is an absolutely dependent church. Some dioceses have far more rights than the church that Constantinople proposes to create.
Judging from the published text, the draft also provides that Kiev on all global issues will be obliged to contact Constantinople. The Ukrainian church cannot even independently canonize saints and cook the world — specially prepared butter used in the sacraments. Deliveries will be adjusted from Istanbul.
Constantinople beat Kiev.
The Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew simply deceived Poroshenko and deceived the whole of Ukraine, promising autocephaly. Need to know the history of Fanar. They do not just want to give autocephaly, and are going to take it for themselves. This will be a branch of the Constantinople Patriarchate.
The followers of Metropolitan Philaret are unlikely to leave it for nothing. After all, they were promised real independence. Experts predict a series of conflicts: the splitting Kiev Patriarchate against Constantinople.

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