Amid this lost season, Giants fans are waiting anxiously to get their first regular-season look at rookie quarterback Davis Webb.

As it turns out, so is one player inside the Jets’ locker room – rookie wide receiver Chad Hansen, who played alongside Webb at Cal.

“I knew it would come, but hopefully it comes a lot sooner than I thought,” Hansen told the Daily News Thursday in Florham Park. “He’ll be ready. I know that. I’m excited for him.”

Hansen caught 92 passes from Webb in 2016 for 1,249 yards and 11 touchdowns.

“Everybody says the quarterback is the coach on the field, but he was legitimately a coach on the field,” Hansen said. “It was really fun playing with him, because I learned a lot from him.”

The two former Golden Bears live about 40 minutes apart, and Hansen says he’s visited Webb’s house on multiple occasions to hang out.

“It’s been cool to have someone out here that I know,” Hansen said.

Hansen believes Giants fans are in store for a pleasant surprise when Webb finally takes the field.

“They’re going to love him,” Hansen said. “They probably know him a little bit now, but he’s a great quarterback, he prepares harder than anybody I’ve ever seen. So he’s going to be a great quarterback. If I were them, I’d be excited.”