Ben Platt to star in Ryan Murphy musical for Netflix

Netflix has given a big commitment to a music-driven series from the “Glee” team of Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan that is set to star Ben Platt.

The project, first reported by Deadline, is described as a satirical comedy revolving around a wealthy politician from Santa Barbara played by Platt, a Tony winner for “Dear Evan Hansen.” Barbra Streisand and Gwyneth Paltrow are in talks to join the cast, per Deadline. The series is expected to have musical numbers in every episode.

A rep for Murphy confirmed the two-season deal. Netflix declined to comment.

Murphy, Falchuk and Brennan were the creators and driving forces behind Fox’s “Glee,” which ran from 2009 to 2015. The trio also collaborated on Fox’s horror-comedy anthology “Scream Queens.”

“Politician” marks the first series regular role for Platt, who shot to stardom thanks to the success of the musical “Dear Evan Hansen,” which scooped up six Tony Awards last June, including best musical and lead actor in a musical for Platt. He logged a guest shot in a recent episode of NBC’s “Will & Grace.”

Paltrow has worked with the Murphy camp in the past as a recurring guest star on “Glee” but she has never taken on a series regular gig. Streisand’s involvement would be a major coup for Murphy if a deal comes together. The famed multi-hyphenate is also expected to direct episodes of “Politician,” per Deadline.

Murphy has another drama series in the works at Netflix, “Ratched,” a drama revolving around the origins story of the fearsome Nurse Ratched from the Ken Kesey-penned novel “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Sarah Paulson is on board to star. “Ratched” also has a two-season, 18-episode commitment from Netflix.

Post-Super Bowl ‘This Is Us’ reveals fate of beloved character

This Is Us hero Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) did NOT die in the fire that destroyed the Pearson home, thanks to a some faulty Crock Pot wiring and the lack of a working smoke alarm. After saving his wife, Rebecca (Mandy Moore), and two of the three children at home, Randall and Kate, Jack went to the hospital where he was treated for some burns on his arm and smoke inhalation.

While Rebecca went to a pay phone to make hotel reservations for the family, various medical personnel at the nurses station were seen rushing off toward the examination room. Rebecca ordered a candy bar from a vending machine and turned to see the physician who treated Jack. His ashen face did all the talking but Rebecca didnt quite comprehend what he was sayingthat the smoke inhalation put pressure not only on Jacks lungs but also his heart. He died of a massive heart attack.

Still disbelieving what she had just been told, Rebecca, eating her candy bar, walked over to the examining room where, in the reflection in the glass partition behind her, we see Jacks lifeless body in the bed. It was one of the more restrained moments in this celebrated shows history. In its less successful second season, the producers have resorted to the occasion bathetic moment to drive home the point that Jacks death has had a long-lasting effect on the family.

Some of the plot elements, designed to pad out the hour following the Super Bowl, were simply silly. Why on earth would Randall (Sterling K. Brown), who is usually pretty smart, decide to throw a Super Bowl party for his daughters and their friends? Because his father loved the game and he DIED on Super Bowl Sunday. Note to show: its overkill.

And poor Kate (Chrissy Metz) nearly had her 19th nervous breakdown of the season when an electrical glitch prevented her watching a videotape of her and dear old dad. Her exasperated boyfriend Toby tried his best to fix the problem and she turned on him and said, Let me beat myself up on the day my father died.

The supposition is that had Jack not gone back into the inferno to save Kates dog 20 FREAKING YEARS AGO, he would still be with them, rooting for his favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The shows tendency to turn potentially tender moments into melodrama indicate some problems with long-range planning in the writers room. Its only an 18-episode season. Must each one of them focus so much on death? Season 1 was all about the relationship between Randall and his biological father, William (Ron Cephas Jones). Jacks death was still a mystery, teased out over several episodes that left many viewers frustrated. As we near the shows second season, the writers have finally resolved Jacks story but where does the show go from here? It seems stuck.

That said, the episode seems designed to win an Emmy for Ventimiglia, a much admired leading man who set the tone for the show. Good luck to him.

Apple Music could dethrone Spotify by summer

Spotify could be dethroned as the king of streaming music as early as the summer.

Arch-nemesis Apple Music has the Swedish company in its cross-hairs, according to, and could overtake it sooner than most observers thought possible.

Spotify, the world’s most popular streaming music service, last month hit the 70 million subscriber milestone, while Apple has announced it has 36 million.

Still, Apple’s US user base has been growing at a rate of 5 percent a month, while Spotify is growing at 2 percent. Apple’s popular devices have helped add subscribers to its music service, which is preloaded on all its hardware.

The news comes only months from Spotify’s planned initial public offering.

New app helps deaf theater-goers hear shows

Broadway is enlisting an unlikely ally to help make shows accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing — the smartphone.

GalaPro, a Tel Aviv-based tech company, has created an app that puts a live closed-captioning system in the pocket of any theater attendee who needs it.

To use it, theater-goers need only download the free app and log onto the theater’s WiFi network. GalaPro will then automatically sync with the show, and display the play’s lines — and lyrics — onto the phone.

To avoid distracting those sitting nearby, the words are displayed in red on a black background.

To be sure, one theater-goer used the GalaPro last week at a showing of “Dear Evan Hansen.” Those seated nearby didn’t even realize the cellphone was on.

“Using phones in the theater is a huge deal,” GalaPro Chief Executive Yonat Burlin told The Post. “We’ve worked hard to make sure our product enhances the theater experience and doesn’t take away from it.”

Theaters pay GalaPro to have its technology installed — plus a monthly fee.

GalaPro recently signed a deal with the Shubert Organization after a successful test at “Avenue Q.” It is now available at Shubert’s 19 Broadway and off-Broadway theaters.

Before GalaPro, hearing-impaired customers could attend only select performances — and had to sit in a specific section near caption monitors. Now every seat and every show is available.

“The scalability of an app is really attractive,” Kyle Wright, the digital projects director for Shubert, told The Post. “We can say to the Broadway audience at large ‘as many people that want to come we can serve.’ ”

GalaPro has raised $3 million in funding, and is currently working on audio description services for the visually impaired, as well as translation services for theater-goers who don’t speak English.

Goldman Sachs employees are not fans of ‘The Commuter’

Goldman Sachs honchos are crying in their soup.

The Commuter, the action thriller starring Liam Neeson as a former New York City cop turned insurance salesman named Michael MacCauley, is the talk around water coolers at the investment bank, spies tell the Post.

Neesons character is sucked into a high-stakes mission to locate the identity of a train passenger involved in a criminal conspiracy worth a cool $100,000.

In one scene, MacCauley is rebuffed by a snooty Goldman Sachs broker. MacCauley walks away in disgust, raising his middle finger.

Hey, Goldman Sachs, on behalf of the American middle class: fk you! McCauley exclaims, holding Goldman to account for the financial crisis.

Goldman had no comment on reports that some top brass at the firm are deeply upset at how the white-shoe firm was depicted.

Bartender won $411K and the hearts of millions on ‘Jeopardy’

A. This New Yorker left a dozen Jeopardy opponents crying in their beer.

Q. Who is Manhattan bartender Austin Rogers?

The 39-year-old quiz king, who won $411,000 and the admiration of millions during a 12-game winning streak on Jeopardy last fall, is still slinging suds Fridays and Sundays at Gaf West in Hells Kitchen.

His goofy gesticulations, unkempt hair and wild wagers resonated with Jeopardy diehards like 30-year-old Maryland mortgage analyst Amanda Sparks, who traveled to the 48th Street gin mill recently to get a glimpse of her game-show gladiator.

Oh my god, it really is him! Sparks gushed. My hands are sweaty, my hearts racing!

Rogers fifth all-time on the shows leader board stopped to pose for a photo with a beaming Sparks, who explained his appeal.

He had a bit of personality to go along with the way he was kicking everybodys ass, she recalled.

In between Bud Lights, Ryan Doyle, 23, tried to stump Rogers with an HQ trivia question about the earliest form of contraception.

The Egyptians used crocodile dung! Rogers correctly crackled.

Host Alex Trebek once described Rogers to viewers: Hes got hair, hes got chutzpah and broad-based knowledge.

Rogers mixes minutiae and cocktails simultaneously at his 12-stool stage, as patrons pepper him with queries about his favorite book (Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898); whether he has a photographic memory (I do not, but I just remember everything.); and whats Trebek like offstage (There is no offstage. He only interacts onstage.).

Rogers, grew up in Westchester the son of a park ranger and veterinary worker. He attended Macalester College in Minnesota where he studied music and history. He was an events planner with the Asia Society on Park Avenue for a decade and worked in digital advertising for two years before a company merger left him unemployed.

The Spanish Harlem resident began bartending out of necessity he was out of work for about two years.

This was my local bar for 16 years. I used to live right around the corner, he said. So instead of crying in his beer, he decided to serve it.

He asked owners Pete Smith and Pat Heenan about his training. They said, Just bartend, Austin, he recalled.

Hes hilarious! said Gaf West regular Rohan Kamerkar, 32, who knew Rogers before his Jeopardy star turn. Hes the same guy. He always knew the most useless information. Or what I thought was useless.

Rogers believes he won big on Jeopardy $463,000 total, counting $2,000 the day he lost, and $50,000 during Novembers Tournament of Champions because he didnt get flustered when the cameras rolled.

Ive been under the lights before. Ive been a musician, Ive done standup, he said. He has even hosted trivia nights at the pub.

Rogers confessed some guilt in that he played up the bartender narrative for the quiz show.

A corporate events planner from New York? Or a digital advertising douchebag from New York? But a bartender from New York, everyone is like, Hes one of us! And Im like, actually not, Im super educated. But you can believe it if you really want! he laughed.

You know what sucks? Desks.

Rogers said the other question people ask the most is why he continues to bartend. The answer is easy.

I am so happy, the second I get behind the bar. You hang out with your friends all night and they pay you for it.

Janet Jackson’s family is still mad at Justin Timberlake

When Justin Timberlake takes the stage at Super Bowl LII for the halftime show Sunday at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, there is at least one famous name who thinks he needs to make reparations.

If hes such a gentleman, hed make sure Janet [Jackson] is there, Joseph Jackson told The Post.

The singers father is not the only one who thinks that Timberlake should make amends for Nipplegate the infamous 2004 Super Bowl scandal that bruised Jacksons career and her ego, after a planned stunt turned into a costume malfunction, leaving her bare breast exposed to 140 million viewers.

Since it was announced that Timberlake would be performing at this years big game, Twitter has been alight with the #JusticeForJanet hashtag, as users call out the privilege suggested by Timberlake being asked to perform again, while Jackson was not.

Timberlake has stayed mum about including Jackson in his halftime show, although he recently told Beats 1 host Zane Lowe that the two had absolutely made peace.

But Jackson family insiders say that just because the singer has forgiven Timberlake for not standing up for her when she was vilified for the incident, she hasnt forgotten.

Justins solo career took off after that and Janet was blackballed, one family member said. He says they are good, but lets see him prove it and bring her out.

Justins solo career took off after that and Janet was blackballed

So what really happened in 2004 at Reliant Stadium (now NRG Stadium) in Houston? Conspiracy theories abound that the wardrobe malfunction was secretly planned by Jackson and Timberlake, but Jackson sources say thats not the case.

They admit, however, that there was great mystery in the run-up to that halftime show.

When some of us went to Houston, we were told they were doing rehearsals, said a relative. People from the NFL and MTV were there so [we] thought we would get a preview of the performance.

Instead, security advised that final rehearsals were closed to everyone.

We had heard that they were experimenting on some sort of elaborate production, the relative added.

Its easy to forget that Jackson and Timberlake were not the only acts that night. Produced by MTV who had previously organized the 2001 halftime event the show first featured performances by Jessica Simpson, Diddy, Nelly and Kid Rock. Jackson took the stage with a marching band for her 1989 hit Rhythm Nation, then was joined by Timberlake for his Rock Your Body.

The two had a sexy, playful chemistry and had previously been rumored to have been hooking up. Jackson was in the early throes of a romance with producer Jermaine Dupri, but everyone including [her mother] Katherine knew the chemistry was there, a Jackson insider said.

You could practically feel the heat as the two gyrated against each other onstage. At the end of the number, while singing Im gonna have you naked by the end of this song, Timberlake reached across Jacksons chest, grabbing her right breast and ripping off part of her top exposing her bare breast, the nipple completely covered by a large silver sun attached by a piercing.

Looking back at video of the incident, its hard to make out Jacksons expression immediately after, as her face was mostly obscured by her hair, but she quickly covered herself with her hand. In photos from the event, Timberlake looks shell-shocked.

Jackson later explained to her mother that the cups of her top had been attached with a Velcro-like fabric that could easily be manipulated or opened to reveal a red lace bra underneath, according to the family source.

The source confirmed that Jackson and Timberlake had hatched a plan for him to rip off the tops cup, but didnt alert MTV, CBS, the NFL or even their backup dancers.

They were like, lets make this real and show the meaning behind [the song], the Jackson insider said.

Her red bra was all that was supposed to show, no nipple, no exposure, the insider said. It was meant to be a little racy, but nobody meant for her breast to show. It became a big deal because Justin grabbed the costume much too hard and, instead of pulling the one small part, he tore the bra part, too. (Representatives for Timberlake did not return calls for comment.)

Behind the scenes, there was confusion, as MTV executive producer Salli Frattini, recalled to ESPN The Magazine in 2014: There was lots of chaos in the [production truck, and we played it back and we were like, Oh, s t. What just happened?

At first, Jackson who flew out of Houston that night had no idea just how big the fallout would be. At that point, she was just a little upset a little troubled that her breast was seen in front of the biggest audience in history, the family member recalled.

But when she exited the stage, no one including reps from AOL and the NFL, as well as Nelly would look at her.

No one said anything when she left the stage, the family member added. It was like, Uh-oh, weve got trouble.

Before the game was over and the Patriots had beaten the Panthers, 32-29, Jacksons representative had issued the first statement, explaining that Timberlake was supposed to have pulled off the bustier cup only, not the bra itself.

The NFL responded quickly to the incident, making clear it was disappointed. The leagues then executive vice president, Joe Browne, said its unlikely that MTV will produce another Super Bowl halftime. (Indeed, the network has not.)

MTV released a statement claiming that the tearing of Janet Jacksons costume was unrehearsed, unplanned, completely unintentional and was inconsistent with assurances we had about the content of the performance. The networks then CEO, Tom Freston, alleged that Jackson alone had engineered the stunt.

Over the next week, some 200,000 viewers reportedly complained to the FCC, which later fined CBS $550,000; the decision was tied up in the court system for eight years before finally being tossed out in favor of CBS.

AOL, which had sponsored the halftime event, asked for a refund on its $10 million investment. Advertiser McDonalds called the incident inappropriate but did not drop Timberlake as its Im lovin it spokesman.

At first, Timberlake was flippant about Nipplegate, telling Access Hollywood that, We love giving you all something to talk about. But he changed his tune shortly after that, saying, Im sorry if anyone was offended.

Jackson meanwhile, issued both written and taped statements, absolving MTV, CBS and the NFL and saying, It was not my intention that it go as far as it did.

But the damage was already done.

The weekend after the Super Bowl, Timberlake and Jackson had been scheduled to appear at the 46th Annual Grammy Awards on CBS, where both were slated to perform. Timberlakes performance happened. Jackson, who was supposed to lead a tribute to Luther Vandross, was allegedly uninvited.

Her punishment didnt end there.

When Jacksons Damita Jo album came out two months after the 2004 Super Bowl, she was facing a mountain of obstacles. As Rolling Stone reported, Viacom the parent company then of both CBS and MTV [hit] back . . . by essentially blacklisting her, keeping her music videos off their properties MTV, VH1 and radio stations under their umbrella. The blacklist [spread] to include non-Viacom media entities as well.

Jackson told relatives that she was embarrassed and feared shed never perform again.

Radio stations wouldnt play her music. Her album, which was great, suffered, the family member recalled. Billboard reported that Damita Jo was her worst-selling album over a 20-year span, despite receiving largely favorable reviews.

So devastating was the backlash, Jackson stopped attending family gatherings and shut out those closest to her. Shed drive by [the familys Encino estate] in her bright yellow Jeep. Wed see her but shed keep going, a second relative said. It was like she didnt know what to do.

Loved ones and friends, including filmmaker Tyler Perry, became concerned about Jacksons health.

MTV ought to be ashamed, my family helped build MTV . . . and this is the thanks we get.

Shes going into depression, shes not herself, her brother Jermaine said at the time. Justin needs to hold a press conference and condemn CBS, MTV and everyone else for what theyre doing to Janet. MTV ought to be ashamed, my family helped build MTV . . . and this is the thanks we get.

It took two years before Timberlake would tell MTV News: If you consider it 50-50, then I probably got 10 percent of the blame. I think America is harsher on women. I think America is unfairly harsh on ethnic people.

Not long after that, Jackson admitted to Oprah Winfrey that while Timberlake had reached out to her, she wasnt ready to reply.

Friendship is very important to me, and certain things you just dont do to friends, she said. In my own time, Ill give him a call.

When Winfrey asked if Timberlake had left [her] out there hanging, Jackson replied, To a certain degree. She added that all the blame had been put on me, as opposed to us.

To this day, Jacksons Waterloo has shaped the culture in unexpected ways.

As a result of the incident, the FCC instituted a five-second tape delay on Super Bowl performances, allowing censors time to catch offensive material.

Coincidentally or not, no women appeared again at the halftime show until 2011 when the Black Eyed Peas including Fergie took the stage.

Most remarkably, we have Nipplegate to thank for YouTube. Co-founder Jawed Karim told USA Today that he was inspired to create the video site in 2005 after not being able to find any footage of the incident online.

Some who condemned Jackson have finally admitted it was too much.

In 2014, former FCC chairman Michael Powell told ESPN the Magazine that the committee had acted unfairly toward the singer. It all turned into being about her, Powell said. In reality, if you slow the thing down, its Justin ripping off her breastplate.

As for Timberlake, he recently said that he stumbled through his handling of the situation. Jackson family insiders reveal he had to ask a few times before Jackson finally agreed to quietly meet up with him a few years ago in Los Angeles. After talking for a while, the two patched up their differences and sealed their friendship with a kiss and a long embrace.

That said, however, the Jackson insider explained that, Publicly, Janet will tell everyone shes forgiven Justin, but privately, shes reluctant to trust him. Hes reached out to her about doing some things together but I dont think shes ready for that. Is she still angry? No. She doesnt wish him any ill will. Does she still think about it? Not all of the time, but certainly since hes doing the halftime show again, its definitely been a dinner table topic.

The insider said that more than anything, Jackson is disappointed. [Timberlake] used to dig her but when it came to supporting her after what happened, he disappeared. Thats not too manly and she didnt deserve that. Even if shes chosen to forgive him, it doesnt mean shes gotten past how he didnt man up.

We believe [the Super Bowl is a chance for him to] show her . . . and the world that he was wrong. He should insist that she come out and do something even if its just him apologizing publicly in front of the whole stadium. Its not too late.

It’s time to kill Samantha off from the ‘Sex and the City’ movies

More like Sob and the City.

On Wednesday night, Sarah Jessica Parker appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, where she admitted she was heartbroken by last Octobers fallout with former co-star Kim Cattrall.

After rumors surfaced that Cattralls diva demands killed the film franchises third installment, the actress best known for playing Samantha Jones sat down with Piers Morgan to tell her side of the story, saying that she and SJP were never friends, and that Parker could have been nicer in the time they spent working together.

Parker says it took her a week to get over the blow. Shes still cagey about the future of Sex and the City 3 but as a jilted friend, she has power and recourse most of us dont.

The actress and producer should go forward with the movie. And she should do it by
shamelessly, unapologetically killing off fan favorite Samantha Jones. It could do her soul good and the franchise, too.

Dont misunderstand. I love me some Sam. (Her potty mouth! Her power suits!) But if we learned anything from the bizarre Sex and the City 2, its this: The writers no longer have any idea what to do with her.

Samanthas treatment in the film sequel was cruel. Gone was the passionate powerhouse we all adore. Instead, she became the butt of an extended joke about menopause. The script wasted her comedic timing on gross-out, groan-inducing puns like Lawrence of my Labia.

Is it any wonder Cattrall doesnt want to come back for more?

SATC2 revealed a sad failure of imagination when it came to the advancing ages of the original actresses. And no one suffered from this more than Cattrall, who, at 61, is the oldest of the bunch. Samantha was offered no dignity in aging. A character who was given a profound emotional arc over the course of the series was forced to regress in the name of cheap laughs.

Theres no saving Samantha, mostly because Cattrall refuses to come back. But there is still hope for SATC. Instead of ending the storied series on the 2010 sequels low note, Parker and writer/producer Michael Patrick King should give it one last try and let the show have a shot at a redemption tour.

And they can start by saying a proper goodbye to Sam.

Fans who support this idea suggest it would be easy enough to do: The character, a breast cancer survivor, could have an off-screen relapse and tragically succumb. This would make room for a new actress no offense to Sam, RIP and some fresh blood within the foursome.

Even Cattrall thinks its a good idea. On Twitter, shes suggested recasting Samantha with Sofa Vergara or Tiffany Haddish. Both great choices, but I say, Parker should skip over recasting Sam and just go ahead and replace her.

Think of the possibilities! A wild Williamsburg widow? A downtown doctor and divorcee? Think of the alliteration … and the outfits. Todays Type A sex bomb might even wear sneakers.

Consider it, SJP. This is chance for some personal and professional healing. The fans or at least this one can handle it.

Roy Wood Jr. happily grabs reins to host salty standup series

Comedian Roy Wood Jr. went from trying to get some airtime on This Is Not Happening to hosting the series, back for its fourth season on Comedy Central (Fridays at midnight).

Ive been working on stories for the past two years trying to get on the show, says Wood, 39, whos also a correspondent for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

The producers knew me and [creator and former host] Ari Shaffir knew me. Its Aris brainchild, and as a comic, I dont ever want to be the guy that steals the other dudes girlfriend. That was never the situation, Wood says. They decided to make a change at the top. Ari and I talked Its a very unique show. Theres no other show like it on TV. For me to host it is something I take very seriously. Its an art form of storytelling that, to be on TV in this short-attention-ass world we live in now, is a serious thing.

The series features comedians telling (hopefully funny) real-life stories about themselves. This season includes Baskets stars Louie Anderson and Martha Kelly, Howie Mandel, Lil Rel Howery and Tom Green, among many others.

These are established comedians and performers telling you things they probably wouldnt even tell their closest friends.

It takes a year to develop a story for this show, says Wood, a veteran stand-up comic who, in addition to his hosting duties, will also tell a few real-life tales this season. There are people in comedy clubs night after night polishing [their stories] and nipping and tucking, and I didnt want to turn down this opportunity. When it was presented to me, Do you want to take the reins? hell yeah.

These are people you already love telling you things about themselves you would never have found out otherwise established comedians and performers telling you things they probably wouldnt even tell their closest friends, he says. Howie [Mandel] talks about the time he fell off the side of the freeway and was covered in germs. Half of the stories are a little to vulgar for daytime or late-night talk shows. Jimmy Fallon would not let you sit on the [Tonight Show] couch and talk about the time you did cocaine by accident.

So what story will Wood share with viewers of This Is Not Happening?

The first story Im telling is the night I met [2 Live Crew member] Luther Campbell at a strip party at some guys house, he says. I was still in college [at Florida A&M] and somehow I ended up at a strip party at 20 years old with a room full of grown men. The man-to-stripper ratio was off; I was waiting in line to get a lap dance, the same way you wait in line to get a hot dog.

I thought that was the protocol when I went to a strip club for the first time.

Warning: Graphic language

Woman reported missing found competing on ‘The Bachelor’

A woman reported missing in Northern California was discovered safe and sound by a fan who noticed she was a contestant on The Bachelor.

Rebekah Martinez was reported missing in November by her mother, who claimed her daughter disappeared since going to work on a marijuana farm, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

Martinez had some fun with the situation on social media Friday, after her status as a reality show contestant was revealed.

MOM. how many times do I have to tell you I dont get cell service on The Bachelor?? the 22-year-old tweeted.

The whole ordeal began on Thursday when Martinez was listed as part of The Humboldt 35 a list of missing persons featured in a Californias North Coast Journal.

An eagle-eyed reader then responded to the story on the North Coast Journals Facebook page.

My sister always calls me Sherlock Holmes, the woman, Amy Bonner OBrien, told the Chronicle.

I was just scrolling through the 35 missing people and I recognized some of them from news stories. When I got to her, I was like wait a minute, she looks so familiar and I instantly thought of The Bachelor.’

Other fans chimed in on the social media network.

THIS IS STRANGE! Lindsay Grath wrote. How does one show as missing, yet on the Bachelor LOL!

Humboldt County Sheriffs Office was able to reach Martinez by phone and confirm that, indeed, she was not missing but looking for love on television instead.

The sheriffs office explained the matter by saying Martinezs mother had spoken to her daughter but her name stayed on the list because they had been unable to reach her directly until Friday.

I found myself, quite literally, on this season of #TheBachelor .

bekah martinez (@whats_ur_sign_) February 2, 2018