The Browns dont want to talk about the quarterback they couldve had, and the quarterback they do employ maybe shouldnt talk about his organization.

The mutual awkwardness can be seen in Hue Jacksons Wednesday news conference, when the coach was asked repeatedly not about the second-round pick he benched that day, DeShone Kizer, but the first-round pick the Browns twice passed on, Deshaun Watson.

Cleveland will be playing in Houston on Sunday, but only one of those quarterbacks will be on the field. Kizer, after a dismal five games that included five losses and nine interceptions, was forced to give the reins to unknown Kevin Hogan.

I totally get it, Jackson told reporters who asked him retroactively about not taking Watson. What did I tell you guys earlier in the week? You guys can say whatever you like. I get it. I get the second-guessing, the questions and all of that. You are entitled to do all of that. DeShone Kizer is on our team. Deshaun Watson is on their team. We cant all of a sudden flip them, so why are we having this discussion?

This discussion is being had because the Browns are starting their 28th quarterback since 1999 on Sunday, and the early returns from this years draft suggest they still, unbelievably, do not have the answer at footballs most important position. Kizer, a strong-armed 21-year-old out of Notre Dame, is not finished, but the fact the Browns have very little to play for and are still not giving him all the experience they can bodes poorly. What also does not peripherally look great is Kizers Twitter account.

After Kizers demotion, former NFL wide receiver Nate Washington came to his defense, slamming the organization while encouraging Kizer. Whether Kizer was liking the post for the former or latter is unknown or whether it was accidental but he did like it nonetheless.

DeShone Kizer just liked a tweet saying The Browns are and have always will be the worst organization in the league #Browns

The browns have and always will be the worst organization in the league! Washington wrote, which Kizer endorsed until he retracted the like. They have no concept of building! Hold ya head @DKizer_14!! #419 own.

Whether talking to the media or on social media, nothing is easy for the Browns. They opted for defensive end Myles Garrett with the No. 1-overall selection in April and passed again on Watson, who has looked like the real deal, with the No. 12 pick by flipping it to Houston so they could snag Clemsons Watson. Cleveland then waited until the 52nd pick to tap Kizer.

It doesnt matter, Jackson said. He is in Houston. It doesnt matter for this reason: Whether we did or didnt, that is not the point. The point is we are getting ready to play the Houston Texans in Houston. Here is our football team. We are 0-5, and we are trying to go get a football victory. It doesnt matter. He plays quarterback there.

Kevin Hogan is playing quarterback for us this week, and DeShone Kizer is backing him up. I understand how you guys feel, but to me, to go down that road and talk about this, that, what should have been and what could have been, that doesnt do anything for anybody.