Bella Thornes pregnancy isnt real, but the intrigue is.

The Famous in Love star posed with a fake baby bump, hidden beneath a pale blue floral sundress, on Instagram Tuesday night.

Its unclear if the 20-year-old actress was messing around or if the bump is for a role, although her photos from the set of the Freeform show don’t appear to hint at a pregnancy.

After a brief, on-and-off fling with Scott Disick, Thorne began dating rapper Mod Sun in late October.

Bella Thorne addresses fake masturbation video

This girl has single handedly changed my life + made me so much better of a man. i have never ever been this happy….ive always dreamed of feeling love like this + im savoring every moment of it, he wrote on Instagram over the weekend.

Thank u bella bb i was a lil lost when we found each other + i will treasure the conversations weve had forever. this life, the next, + the one after that mam.