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Does America Need INF Treaty?

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The Western mainstream media conduct an active information campaign blaming Russia for violating the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. According to the Chairman of the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs Ed Royce the Russian side keeps prohibited missiles with nuclear warheads operationally available.
Washington constantly accuses Moscow of failing to comply with the agreement concluded in 1987 without providing concrete evidence. Moscow rejects the accusations and believes the US is looking for an excuse to expand sanctions and withdraw from the INF treaty.
Public accusations of violating the treaty on the elimination of medium-range and short-range missiles appeared in 2014 amid the introduction of sanctions due to the Ukrainian crisis. Nevertheless, Washington refrained from imposing any restrictive measures on Moscow within three years.
This June 23 members of the Democratic Party introduced a bill on military deterrence of Russia that refers to the need to develop a sanctions plan to punish Moscow for ignoring the INF treaty points.
The authors of the document urged the Pentagon to deploy high-precision weapons in Europe and give the president the right not to adhere to the terms of article 6 of the agreement that prohibits the production of banned launchers and missile stages.
It is noteworthy that Russia faced with the first accusations of INF treaty violation in 2014, and at the same time, Lockheed Martin Corporation got the Pentagon contract for the surface-to-surface ballistic missiles modernization.
The Department of Defense ordered to increase the missile range. June 26, 2017, the US Army published the information on the serial production of surface-to-surface ballistic missiles for the Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS). The range of new missiles exceeds 180 miles but there is no more accurate data.
The propaganda campaign around the INF treaty aims to discredit Russia and divert attention from the US deployment of missile defense near Russian borders. Moreover, the strengthening of the US Navy forces in Europe is also one of the main tasks of the information campaign launched against Russia.
The United States needs an information pretext to increase the number of ships and submarines equipped with non-nuclear weapons in the North Sea and other waters in Europe. For example, the presence of Florida or Georgia submarines in major European ports will become a serious increase in the military power of NATO in the region.
Thus, accusing Russia of violating the INF treaty the United States can unilaterally withdraw from the treaty and legitimately build up NATO’s military power near Russian borders in the shortest possible time.

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